Tuesday, May 18, 2010


i watched this video posted by MJ in her FB which she took from the utube which was posted by mariahairey..ok..one long connecting intro i have here..so back to the main story..

this video is about a cat named Hero which was "amputated" by a homosapien species which i would like to refer as ''it''..for further story of why, what, who and how please do review the video below..n do prepare some tissues..

tears immediately streaming out of my eyes while and after i watched this video..the cat still alive and healthy even after what had happen to him..i don't think Hero received any anesthetic prior the "amputation"..but he was very determined to be alive..because he believe in Allah..because he knows Allah is always there for him..even he had lost both front legs he still have the other two..n also Allah..besides..thanks also to mariahairey..u both sure will get the reward if not now but in the afterlife..insyaAllah..^_^

i kept on thinking..wut would happen if it happen to me?will i be as strong as Hero?

even I've never met u..but i do love u..Hero..

Saturday, May 15, 2010


weelllll...ok..mybe i can warm up a bit by posting my previous entry in my previous blog as a starter...this post was yeared (as i don't know the date..=P) in 2007..so here we go..

~The Gardener~

emm..arini nk cter pglmn cket..yg happen smlm…itz about the gardener..tukng kebun yg keje kt kolej yg sy dok skng..kolej melati @UiTM..dh lme sy perhatikn dier..tgk dier siram pokok..mcm susah sgt dier nk jln..smbil tu kne tarik paip lg..kdg2 nmpk dier terbongkok bongkok kutip tin msuk dlm plastik..nk jual agknyer..slalu sy pk..mne la ank2 dier ni..nape bg dier keje lg..Ya Allah..Allah je tau cm ne sy rs..sedey sgt tgk dier…

1 hari..means smlm..sy ngn rumate sy Farrah on d way nk g cafe kolej..ktorg lalu kt tepi phone booth kolej..tbe2 pkcik tu tego ktorg..dier mintak tlg dailkn num ank dier..nk kol katenyer..dier ckp dier rndu ngn ank2 dier…sumer dh kawen tp dh lme x dtg jenguk dier..smtra tu sy sembng ngn dier..tnye dok mne..tinggal ngn sape..dier gtau umah dier kt sepang tinggl berdua je ngn isteri dier..ms tu jgk sy tgk tgn kiri dier..bergetar laju sgt..dlm otak sy pk msti parkinson..n mmg btol pon..

then, dh dpt kol ank dier sorg ni..tgk gaya dier ckp ngn ank dier mcm ckp dgn ank kecik je..suh mkn knyg2 n jgn gado2..bkn niat psg tlinge..tp dh terdgr skali nk wat cm ne..mmg kesian la tgk keadaan dier ms tu..dier ckp jgk dier rndu tu la yg dier kol..n ajak ank dier blk umah sbtu ni..lps tu..kol ank dier lg sorg..dier ckp d almost the same thing..yg x thn tu prktaan rndu..

nape smpai ayh yg kne kol ank ajak blk umah..sedey tgk dier..time pgg tepon tu pon tgn dier menggigil lg..kalo blh nk tlg je dier pgg kn ganggang tu..dada dh sebak nk nnges..tp sy thn je..ape plak dier rs kalo tbe2 sy nnges nt..kalo ank dier x dtg la ari ni..mmg x ptut btol..dorg ptut tgk cmne keadaan ayh dorg time tu..tp hrp2..ank2 dier bkn la cmtu..hope skng ni..dorg tgh epi kump rmi2 kt umah pkcik tu..

pas dh settle sume..dier pesan kt ktorg..pesanan yg btol2 insafkn sy..
"….dh berjaya nt tolong mak ayah dulu baru tolong diri sndri…."
sy akn pgg kata2 dier ni…

tu je la cter yg nk share arini..pape pon..kwn2 ingt la mak n ayah slalu ek…jgn abaikn dorg bler dh bjya nt..sekian wassalam…

so what do u guys think?kesian kn..tu la kdg2 ank2 ni nk kate jht xla jht..just mybe kdg2 tu pnykit LUPE tu dtg..however..pnykit to shud no ader la..lg2 dgn mak ayh sndri..kne la slalu ingt kt dorg kn2..

p/s: ape la khbr pkcik tu arini...??

oh my!!

i forgot that i actually own a blog..hehe..it was like a year back..oh my!!..=P

well..would like to congratulate shima for u to be my 1st follower and also my 1st commentor..hehe..

nothing much to babble here yet..don't quite have any idea too..perhaps other time..just another intro for this blog of mine..need to get use to this first.. eerrrr...HI (for d second time)..