Sunday, December 26, 2010

just the way you are

i am melting and will continue to melt~~~

Monday, December 13, 2010

I love my job~~

What comes after C?


Say it twice!


yeah!!!that's what i did almost for the whole day today..DD stand for Dangerous Drugs..

DD constitute of drugs that may be abused by some people..some example of DD are Morphine, Ketamine, Midazolam, Diazepam etc.. In hospital, these drugs can be used either as sedatives or pain killer..Since it can be abuse, it needs tight monitoring..
  • to be stored in locked cupboard..
  • to be recorded all the inward or outward movement..
  • the record books to be checked regularly (daily basis)
  • amount left in record books MUST tally with physical stock
and all those tinny-minny things..

luckily later that evening i had 2 other cliques helping me with the DD stuffs since i can't move faster with the recording, counting and supplying those drugs to the wards..

then, i follow my clique to do some counselling to the patient..counsel on the technique of using the inhaler (for asthma patient)..

One of the patient : we had some language barrier because he can't speak Malay and was not well verse in English..he only understood "sikit-sikit" of Malay language that we had to get his friend (one of the patient too) help to translate to him..however, it did not work too..assessing his technique of using the device, it was, follow up with the patient would be crucial..pity him that he can't understand us and we can't understand him too..huuu~~

then we went to have a look at one patient who had been reported experiencing adverse drug reaction (ADR)..upon observing her profile and medical history, she was known to be a psychatric patient with bipolar disorder (googled to know more) clique whispered to me what is bipolar disorder..before i could answer, the patient explains "kadang-kadang mood happy sangat, kadang-kadang mood down sangat"..hoho..i was knew about her illness..that's very good..quite funny that the patient herself explained to us her condition..i just smiled to her..^_^

Lesson: don't whisper in front of your patient..heee..^_^

Saturday, December 11, 2010

motivating ownself

it does not matter how early or late you start..

what's matter is the courage to go whenever you start..

if others can..

i can too..

it is never too late to start~~


You Can Do It!!!

p/s: when no one else care, get up on your own because you know He will always be there for you..

real life as PRP~~

night call..

supernight call..

weekend call..

lunch call..

long hours standing..

walking back and forth from here to there..

life couldn't be better...

thank you Allah for this least i have something for my mom and family...