Sunday, September 26, 2010

it is not as bad as u think it is..

Greeting earthlings!! i come in peace to tell u a story of me being a PRP in the enforcement..hehe..

it has been a month i've endured myself in the area of enforcement..i get to know more about how the pharmacist work in that area..which is way different from the pharmacist practice in the hospital..

at first i was really down as i could not practice in the hospital at the moment when most of my friends had started practicing in the hospital..but now..i'm happy that i'm in the enforcement line..wohoooo!! now i see the bright side of it..Alhamdullilah..

yesterday was when i realized the benefit of staying in the enforcement..hehe..

i joined the FRP (fully registered pharmacist) to open up a booth at an event held in UiTM Kampus Puncak Alam which was Pharmacy Open Day organized by my juniors (i'm so proud of u guys)..

at the booth i'll entertain those who came and explained what they should know as a them a piece of advise to be careful in choosing their medication and cosmetics..we even displayed products that were not registered under KKM (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia) ..and those that contain dangerous poison (such as hydroquinone)...

there's one man came to the booth and asked for a tip on how to reduce the pimple scars on his face..he sure do asked a lot of question..suddenly he saw the bottle of the product that contains hydroquinone...he said that he had use it before..the seller mentioned to him that the liquid can get rid of dead cliques Izzana told him that it does not only remove the dead cell but also the healthy cells..he then told us that he felt burning sensation upon applying the liquid onto his face..later on the skin of the face darken in colour..i can see myself his face with some burning scars..

those who came and have a look of the products claimed that they had seen those product being sold in some pharmacy or toko2 guys be careful ok..i think in my next post i would like to give some tips on choosing the right or at least some safety steps in choosing products to treat disease or cosmetics..coming right up after this post!!..^_^

being responsible as one of the exhibitor for the booth give me confident to face the public..i'm no longer the nervous me..i've proved it yesterday..i think i'm ok now (sape lg nk puji kalo bkn dri sndri..lalala..) out information to those who needs new is a bless..i feel so good for at least to let them know something they didn't know..

other than that, i also learn that there's always a rainbow behind the rainy cloud..i'm so happy..lalalala~~

Saturday, September 4, 2010


betol la org kate kalo dah keje ni..hari yg plg kte suke is ari jumaat..and ari yg plg x best is ari isnin..dpt gak merasai kesukaan n ketidaksukaan yg begitu..hehe..

msuk smlm dh 3 ari utk mkluman knyh..ayu x sempt lagi ye nk bg duit ry..gaji mne msuk leh la dpt duit ry lg kn2..hehe..tu pon kalo ader org nk bg..aih..sadis2..=P

ok la nk cter psl 1st day keje..nothing much pon..mule2 smpai g jmpe bos..sembng2..knl2..tu je..pstu g isi borang yg byk skali..leh msuk rekod peribadi ari plg byk isi borang ni..hoho...pstu anta result medical check up first lesson for the first day is how to use the photostat machine..kuikuikui..then mengahbiskan sisa2 di ofis dgn duduk kt tmpt perlesenan..kt c tu kak roy ajar ktorg proses2 kuarkn lesen A,B and permit NaOH..sbb bln 10 nt..bermule la proses perlesenan yg sgguh dahsyat..i'll be busy kot..lalala~~ (perlu hepi ke??)

msuk 2nd day kerja..menarik sket..sbb ikut raiding..merampas produk yg mengandungi kndugan rcun yg berlebihan..which are hydroquinone n tretinoin..hoho...sape2 yg bc metro 3/3/2010 tau la psl ni..mule2 gne mmg la dpt cpt result muke jd putih bersih licin..mne x nyer..those things dh hakis kulit muke tu..haaa..jd..berhati2 la ye pilih lotion2 utk muke or pape..mmg dorg x tulis kt ingredient..but just beware..plg penting make sure ade kelulusan dr KKM dlu..

3rd day keje..aktiviti mnjdi pengecop yg berjya..preparation utk audit nt..then tlg2 kemas2 file..hoho..korg yg bc msti mcm 'ek eleh..blaja tggi2 pharmacy..keje ofis tu je..' or some mungkin akan pndg rndh n gelak2 kn sy sbb kne bc buku law and all those law related stuff.....welll..i x kisah korg nk ckp ape..rezeki sy dh kt c tu dlu...i just accept it..yg pnting x susah kn org..setiap sesuatu ader hikmah kebaiknnyer..n i'm waiting for it..insyaAllah..

jd berakhirla 3 ari prtma..sumer staff2 kt c tu sgt la far sumer baik2 n friendly..sgt membantu n x lokek ilmu..environment kerja pon sgt comfortable..sgt comel jgk..heee..Alhamdulillah..hrp2 nyer berterusan la mcm tu..nt kn episod yg akn dtg..=P

p/s: i wonder what will i face in HTAR nxt year..hmmm...^_^