Sunday, December 26, 2010

just the way you are

i am melting and will continue to melt~~~

Monday, December 13, 2010

I love my job~~

What comes after C?


Say it twice!


yeah!!!that's what i did almost for the whole day today..DD stand for Dangerous Drugs..

DD constitute of drugs that may be abused by some people..some example of DD are Morphine, Ketamine, Midazolam, Diazepam etc.. In hospital, these drugs can be used either as sedatives or pain killer..Since it can be abuse, it needs tight monitoring..
  • to be stored in locked cupboard..
  • to be recorded all the inward or outward movement..
  • the record books to be checked regularly (daily basis)
  • amount left in record books MUST tally with physical stock
and all those tinny-minny things..

luckily later that evening i had 2 other cliques helping me with the DD stuffs since i can't move faster with the recording, counting and supplying those drugs to the wards..

then, i follow my clique to do some counselling to the patient..counsel on the technique of using the inhaler (for asthma patient)..

One of the patient : we had some language barrier because he can't speak Malay and was not well verse in English..he only understood "sikit-sikit" of Malay language that we had to get his friend (one of the patient too) help to translate to him..however, it did not work too..assessing his technique of using the device, it was, follow up with the patient would be crucial..pity him that he can't understand us and we can't understand him too..huuu~~

then we went to have a look at one patient who had been reported experiencing adverse drug reaction (ADR)..upon observing her profile and medical history, she was known to be a psychatric patient with bipolar disorder (googled to know more) clique whispered to me what is bipolar disorder..before i could answer, the patient explains "kadang-kadang mood happy sangat, kadang-kadang mood down sangat"..hoho..i was knew about her illness..that's very good..quite funny that the patient herself explained to us her condition..i just smiled to her..^_^

Lesson: don't whisper in front of your patient..heee..^_^

Saturday, December 11, 2010

motivating ownself

it does not matter how early or late you start..

what's matter is the courage to go whenever you start..

if others can..

i can too..

it is never too late to start~~


You Can Do It!!!

p/s: when no one else care, get up on your own because you know He will always be there for you..

real life as PRP~~

night call..

supernight call..

weekend call..

lunch call..

long hours standing..

walking back and forth from here to there..

life couldn't be better...

thank you Allah for this least i have something for my mom and family...


Friday, October 15, 2010


nope...don't trust people easily..








Ya Allah, guide me and my family to the right us the truth..make us strong to face all the difficulty..and most of all to have stronger faith to U...we believe that all the troubles we face are for the good and for the better for our family..Ya Allah..we really need us..ameenn..

p/s : i wonder how to know a person is for true or just a fake-donkey..sigh~~

Thursday, October 14, 2010

3 cakes in a day...

13/10/1987 genap la umo cik azilea 23 thn..

dan buat pertama kalinyer sy dijamu dgn 3 bijik kek (abes diet plan sy hancussss..)

pape pon terima ksh kpd yg memberi..

terima kasih kpd yg msih mengingati..

sgguh sy sgt hargai..


Friday, October 8, 2010


heh..terlmbt pulak kn nk gtau tips2 memilih produk (i.e. cosmetic or ubat) yg selamat...just st8 to d point je la kn...hehe..

1 - check number MAL KKM (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia) kt kotak produk tu..alaa..kalo korg belek2 kotak ubat ke kan..msti ader num cm cth je bler dh ader num tu mksudnyer produk tu dh berdftr la..however, org yg nk menipu ni pndai..ader je cara..ape susah dorg ltk la num cm tu jgk kt kotak produk dorg kn..

2- jd utk memastikan lg kesahihan keaslian pendaftaran produk tu nxt step ialah tgk ader x hologram KKM..ape tu hologram KKM? hologram ni sticker yg berkilat tu..haaa..tu la hologram KKM..if ader berkemungkinan produk tu dh berdftr dgn skali blh jgk org buat hologram tu..

3- jd utk check originality sticker tu..ader caranyer..kte gunekan sejenis alat yg dinamekan dekoder..nmpk simple je..mcm kad..kte gne utk check sma ada sticker hologram tu btol2 dr KKM or sebaliknyer..alat kt gmbr bwh ni..

objek berwrna biru yg sy pgg tu..haaa..carik la bnde tu kt retail pharmacy..utk sgor ni sumer retail pharmacy akan diberi dekoder tu..jd semua pharmacist perlu bertggjwp utk tau kegunaan dekoder tu n ajar cara penggunaan nyer if customer tny..^_^

4- selain itu kita blh jgk pergi ke laman web Biro Penguatkuasa Farmasi Kebangsaan ( web tu kte leh search utk tau antra produk2 yg pernah dirampas kerana mengandungi racun terkawal yg xleh digunekan sesuke hati oleh sesiape shj di ats sbb2 keselamatan..

jadi..Kenali lah Ubat anda..^_^

Sunday, September 26, 2010

it is not as bad as u think it is..

Greeting earthlings!! i come in peace to tell u a story of me being a PRP in the enforcement..hehe..

it has been a month i've endured myself in the area of enforcement..i get to know more about how the pharmacist work in that area..which is way different from the pharmacist practice in the hospital..

at first i was really down as i could not practice in the hospital at the moment when most of my friends had started practicing in the hospital..but now..i'm happy that i'm in the enforcement line..wohoooo!! now i see the bright side of it..Alhamdullilah..

yesterday was when i realized the benefit of staying in the enforcement..hehe..

i joined the FRP (fully registered pharmacist) to open up a booth at an event held in UiTM Kampus Puncak Alam which was Pharmacy Open Day organized by my juniors (i'm so proud of u guys)..

at the booth i'll entertain those who came and explained what they should know as a them a piece of advise to be careful in choosing their medication and cosmetics..we even displayed products that were not registered under KKM (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia) ..and those that contain dangerous poison (such as hydroquinone)...

there's one man came to the booth and asked for a tip on how to reduce the pimple scars on his face..he sure do asked a lot of question..suddenly he saw the bottle of the product that contains hydroquinone...he said that he had use it before..the seller mentioned to him that the liquid can get rid of dead cliques Izzana told him that it does not only remove the dead cell but also the healthy cells..he then told us that he felt burning sensation upon applying the liquid onto his face..later on the skin of the face darken in colour..i can see myself his face with some burning scars..

those who came and have a look of the products claimed that they had seen those product being sold in some pharmacy or toko2 guys be careful ok..i think in my next post i would like to give some tips on choosing the right or at least some safety steps in choosing products to treat disease or cosmetics..coming right up after this post!!..^_^

being responsible as one of the exhibitor for the booth give me confident to face the public..i'm no longer the nervous me..i've proved it yesterday..i think i'm ok now (sape lg nk puji kalo bkn dri sndri..lalala..) out information to those who needs new is a bless..i feel so good for at least to let them know something they didn't know..

other than that, i also learn that there's always a rainbow behind the rainy cloud..i'm so happy..lalalala~~

Saturday, September 4, 2010


betol la org kate kalo dah keje ni..hari yg plg kte suke is ari jumaat..and ari yg plg x best is ari isnin..dpt gak merasai kesukaan n ketidaksukaan yg begitu..hehe..

msuk smlm dh 3 ari utk mkluman knyh..ayu x sempt lagi ye nk bg duit ry..gaji mne msuk leh la dpt duit ry lg kn2..hehe..tu pon kalo ader org nk bg..aih..sadis2..=P

ok la nk cter psl 1st day keje..nothing much pon..mule2 smpai g jmpe bos..sembng2..knl2..tu je..pstu g isi borang yg byk skali..leh msuk rekod peribadi ari plg byk isi borang ni..hoho...pstu anta result medical check up first lesson for the first day is how to use the photostat machine..kuikuikui..then mengahbiskan sisa2 di ofis dgn duduk kt tmpt perlesenan..kt c tu kak roy ajar ktorg proses2 kuarkn lesen A,B and permit NaOH..sbb bln 10 nt..bermule la proses perlesenan yg sgguh dahsyat..i'll be busy kot..lalala~~ (perlu hepi ke??)

msuk 2nd day kerja..menarik sket..sbb ikut raiding..merampas produk yg mengandungi kndugan rcun yg berlebihan..which are hydroquinone n tretinoin..hoho...sape2 yg bc metro 3/3/2010 tau la psl ni..mule2 gne mmg la dpt cpt result muke jd putih bersih licin..mne x nyer..those things dh hakis kulit muke tu..haaa..jd..berhati2 la ye pilih lotion2 utk muke or pape..mmg dorg x tulis kt ingredient..but just beware..plg penting make sure ade kelulusan dr KKM dlu..

3rd day keje..aktiviti mnjdi pengecop yg berjya..preparation utk audit nt..then tlg2 kemas2 file..hoho..korg yg bc msti mcm 'ek eleh..blaja tggi2 pharmacy..keje ofis tu je..' or some mungkin akan pndg rndh n gelak2 kn sy sbb kne bc buku law and all those law related stuff.....welll..i x kisah korg nk ckp ape..rezeki sy dh kt c tu dlu...i just accept it..yg pnting x susah kn org..setiap sesuatu ader hikmah kebaiknnyer..n i'm waiting for it..insyaAllah..

jd berakhirla 3 ari prtma..sumer staff2 kt c tu sgt la far sumer baik2 n friendly..sgt membantu n x lokek ilmu..environment kerja pon sgt comfortable..sgt comel jgk..heee..Alhamdulillah..hrp2 nyer berterusan la mcm tu..nt kn episod yg akn dtg..=P

p/s: i wonder what will i face in HTAR nxt year..hmmm...^_^

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

hari ini 31 ogos...

ye..betul tu..hari ni..31 ogos..esk dh 1 sept..ap ade dgn 1 sept????

haaaaa...pd 1 sept secara rasminyer sy akan memulekn kerjaya sbg seorg PRP...

kat mne?di penguatkuase frmsi.. x g ke?pegi jgk..tgk la schedule cm ne nt..


oleh itu,

Selamat Hari Kebangsaan Malaysia...

Selamat Bekerja Azilea..


Selamat berjuang utk mendptkn mlm lailatulqadar kwn2...All d Best!!

p/s: disni sy nk ucap time ksh x terhingga kt kwn2 klas 511,512,506 n 516 yg sudi dtg umah sy utk buke puase aritu..seronok dpt jmpe korg sumer..rindu masa2 kt sekolah dlu..lenkali jemput la dtg lg yek..jgn malu2..^_^

Thursday, August 19, 2010


kenapa pilih yg tu..npe x pilih yg lg satu tu je...

i've no answer for that..

i hope i've made the right decision...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Occupation : Provisional Registered Pharmacist

Alhamdulillah..akhirnyer penantian berakhir juga..sekarang dah dapat tahu posting negeri mana..tapi..tak tahu lagi hospital mana dalam 10 hospital yang available kat selangor lak negeri mana..ingt nk gtau sekali bler dah dpt tau hospital..=P

so, hospital paling dekat ialah HTAR (spt yg telah dinyatakn dlm post sebelum ni)..plg jauh pulak Sabak Bernam..dh nk msuk perak dh..aiyoyo..

ayah kate kalo saya dpt sabak bernam..boleh la dier beli ikan2 frsh..huh..ade ke patut..ikan yg dier pk..ish3x..mcam la psr2 kt umah ni xjual ikan..

pape pon we'll wait and see..berdebar kot nk keje ni..ilmu didada, kepala, tgn kaki sumer cm x ckup lg je..siap dh kne sound ngn seseorg lg suh stadi..awat la sy ni degil sgt ntah..mintak maaf ye tau ape awk ckp tu utk kebaikn sy jgk..tenkiu for the reminder...^_^

ya Allah, permudahkanlah segala urusan kerja ku nanti..aminnn...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Dear future hubby,

Play the guitar and sing this for me pleaseeeeee...^_^


p/s: kesan terlalu byk dgr lagu jiwang..kan dah start berangan..hukhukhuk..

perjalanan hidupku~~


Inilah aku..

Sedar-sedar aku di sebuah kedai..

Tanpa seurat benang meliputi badanku..

Kawan-kawan yang lain juga begitu..

Kami ditempatkan di petak tertinggi di situ..

Orang lalu lalang dan ada yang berhenti..




Begitu juga rakan-rakan yang lain..

Kehidupan aku sama sahaja setiap hari..

Aku tidak tahu apakah gunanya aku di situ..

Persoalan yang tiada jawapan..



Aku diambil oleh seorang pemuda..

Aku sangat bersyukur..

Kerana akhirnya..

Aku bebas..

Aku boleh berbakti kepada pemuda itu..

Kemana sahaja aku bersama si dia..

Di pejabat mahu pun di rumah..

Sejak itu bermula la kerjaya ku..

Sebagai sebatang PEN yang berdedikasi..


ulat buku

duduk2 kt blek ni..berteman kn laptop..mngadap susunan buku2 dpn nk bercerita psl buku2 yg sy penah bc..bkn la buku ilmiah pon..heee..

ms awl2 sek mengah dlu sy suke sgt bc buku Sweet Valley Jr. High..ade no 1 smpai 16..n 26 (hdiah drpd suhaila n farzana)..pstu dh stop..knpe stop ntah..sbb rs cm dh dewasa xmo la bc bku2 utk bdk2..hehe..buku tu psl kembar dua org ni jessica n elizabeth..cter dorg kt sekolah..psl kwn2..psl jgk la..dlu ms bru beli..xsmpai sehari dh abes bc..menunjuk kn excitednyer sy..=P

then, sy ader collection buku fingerprints..buku ni ade 6 siri..yg ni menarik..buku ni psl Rae yg blh bc fikiran org lain bler dier sentuh bekas cap jari bc buku ni mule la berangan..bestnyer la kalo ader power cmtu..=P

nxt, novel yg ditulis oleh cecelia ahern..rsnyer rmi bc buku dier..interesting..buku pertma dier yg sy beli mstila Where rainbows end..cter psl kwn baik sorg laki n sorg pmpn..dr dorg kecik smpai tua..hehe..

lg p/s i love u..haa..yg ni sweet sgt..rsnyer korg pon tau if penah tgk cter ni kt tv..suami tgglkn surat utk isteri sblom si suami ni meninggal..surat tu la cm kuatkn smgt isteri tu utk teruskn kehidupan..

pstu ader gak buku A place called here..cter yg ni tu adlah tmpt brg2 ilang comel la cter dier..siap ader perumahan lg tau..hehe..

pstu if u could see me now..yg ni pon best..cter psl imaginary fren..ade funny bler imagine watak2 n pakaian dorg..hehe..

yg plg baru sy ader dr cecelia ni is thx for the memories..yg ni pon menarik..kalo nk tau bc la..hehe..

pape pon sgt suke bc buku cecelia ni..best2 sumer nyer..ader part klaka..mmg thumbs up..nt nk tmbh lg koleksi dier..yay2..

lain2 buku ader lg..bykkkkk..x larat nk explain satu2..pdhal x ingt..heee..

p/s: i love my family..

Monday, August 2, 2010

Let's do it together!!

Ramadhan is getting nearer..

Are we prepared?

What is our mission for this Ramadhan?

Some may say.."i don't wanna miss a day"...

Others would like to do more good deeds...

A bunch would probably vow to "khatam" the entire Quran during Ramadhan.

Whatever our mission is..let make it the best..because we never know when will be the last Ramadhan for us..

So, here i would like to share a tip to finish Quran in one month..

A Quran contains 30 juzuk, 604 pages..

We will like "ish..xsempt la nk abes kn 1 juz in one day" because in our mind 1 juz is "byk tuuuu..."

Psychologically if we read 4 pages after each 5times prayer a day we will finish 20 pages without thinking of "ish smpt ke ni??"..and in fact we won't feel tired..

Here the mathematics:

4 pages X 5 times X 30 days = 600 pages

How bout the 4 pages left? We have 24 extra 1 pages for 4 days or any way you like..

Most important is to read at least 20 pages per day..

Easy right?

I bet some may said that they don't have enough time since they have class to go or work to do..or for the girls "ktorg xleh puase penuh pn"..hehe..

Well..the solution is : again be will not harm u..maybe we can read extra pages during weekend or at night..kn2..

This is just my opinion which i would like to share with u guys..Hope u like it..

Let's do it together..^_^

p/s: got this idea from an email given by my beloved mother..

10 Ciri Calon Suami yang Baik...

Jika anda seorang wanita, carilah lelaki yang mempunyai sifat-sifat berikut.
Jika anda seorang lelaki, jadilah seorang lelaki yang mempunyai sifat-sifat berikut.

1. Kuat amalan agamanya. Menjaga solat fardhu, kerap berjemaah dan solat pada awal waktu. Auratnya juga sentiasa dipelihara dan memakai pakaian yang sopan. Sifat ini boleh dilihat terutama sewaktu bersukan.

2. Akhlaknya baik, iaitu seorang yang nampak tegas, tetapi sebenarnya seorang yang lembut dan mudah bertolak ansur. Pertuturannya juga mesti sopan, melambangkan peribadi dan hatinya yang mulia.

3. Tegas mempertahankan maruahnya. Tidak berkunjung ke tempat-tempat yang boleh menjatuhkan kredibilitinya.

4. Amanah, tidak mengabaikan tugas yang diberikan dan tidak menyalahgunakan kuasa dan kedudukan.

5. Tidak boros, tetapi tidak kedekut. Tahu membelanjakan wang dengan bijaksana.

6. Menjaga mata dengan tidak melihat perempuan lain yang lalu lalang ketika sedang bercakap-cakap.

7. Pergaulan yang terbatas, tidak mengamalkan cara hidup bebas walaupun dia tahu dirinya mampu berbuat demikian.

8. Mempunyai rakan pergaulan yang baik. Rakan pergaulan seseorang itu biasanya sama.

9. Bertanggungjawab. Lihatlah dia dengan keluarga dan ibu bapanya.

10. Wajah yang tenang, tidak kira semasa bercakap atau membuat kerja atau masa kecemasan.

for me..i would like to add another criteria..not smoking..blh x?heee..^_^
Nxt : ciri calon isteri yang baik pulak..heeeeeeee.....

p/s: copy paste from a friend's note..

Friday, July 30, 2010



uia dh stat keje...

um dh dpt placing..

uitm bler?? (org KKM tu kate mybe tgh bln 8 or bln 9)

hoho..sgt la berdebar..pape pon hrp2 sgt2 hrp dpt kt Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang (HTAR)..

did i just said HTAR?

hehe..btol la tu..huuu..dlu2 bkn main lg x ske ngn HTAR..sbb hosp tu sgt buruk n bz n rmi org bersalin kt c tu smpai Ketua Pegawai Farmasi (KPF) kt c tu gtau jgn bersalin kt hosp tu (err..ape kaitan ngn posting lak?)..aaarrghhh!!!

but thinking on the bright side..tu la hosp yg plg dekat ngn rumah tau x azilea????

xyah pk nk sewa umah if dpt HTAR..huuuu...

cm budak2 la azilea ni..dewasa la sket!!aiyaaa~~~

p/s : posting pas raya la senang..leh puase n ry puas2 kt umah ngn mak ayah n tam2..n leh kutip last minit duit ry lg..leh cuti tnpa pk nk kne amik cuti..heeeee..^_^

Thursday, July 29, 2010

my mami

arini nk cter psl nenek belah mak sy...atau lebih glamer dgn pnggilan mami oleh cucu2nya..special tau..

menurut kate arwah apak, mami ni asal nyer dr klurga cina..sbb tu la putih abes..mata pon cm sepet sket..

ms mude2 dlu mami cantik sgt..sweet je..skrg mami comel sgt..hehe..

mami ni x byk sgt ckp ngn cucu2 bler berckp kdg2 tu lwk..skt perut gelak..hehe..

innocent je mami..if dier nk sesuatu..dier x ckp direct..msti cm berdalih2..cth ader satu ari ni dier ckp.."kalo dpt mkn pisang goreng ptg2 ni sedap jgk ni" kami cucu2 mami pon almaklum la...ptg tu jgk kuar g cari pisang goreng..x terpk pon nk goreng sndri..hehe..yg pnting dpt jgk mami mkn pisng goreng ptg tu..heee...

mami ni jgk x ske amik gmbr..dier kate dh tua..buruk la pd ktorg mami mami ttp cute tau..heee..ader skali tu ktorg tgh bergmbr time ry mami ckp "bler nk abes begmbr nyer..nk pergi jln raya ni"..hehe..amik kne sound free2..=P

betapa x ske nyer mami bergmbr..sedaya upaya dier tutup muke ader cth..hehe..wawan (adik sy) pon join mami skali..dh mcm nk g mahkamah mne je dh..=P

jd utk amik gmbr ngn mami..or amik gmbr mami..kte kne jd professional..kne pndai2 la nyorok2..n ini lah one of the best..haaa...sape kate mami x kiyut tu mami..heee...

nme pon dh berumur kn..mcm2 skt mcm2 ubt jgk dier mkn..g mne2 msti bwk bakul ubt dier..mami ni comply tau..kalah cucu dier sorg ni..hehe..

kdg2..bler mami dok umah dier tny la sy psl ubt2 dier ni..dgn yakinnyer sy pon mengexplain la kt mami..dgn rasminyer mami dh jd pesakit pertama sy!!yay!!

ader skali tu ktorg ajak mami kuar skali..bekeras dier xnk..dan bermula sesi kelentong..

kaknyah : mami jom la ikut ktorg

mami : aishhh..xmo la...malas nak jln..

kaknyah : alaaa..mami..jomla..kejap lg org nk dtg sembur nyamuk tu....

mami : aih...xpe ler..

saya : nanti dorg nk sembur dlm umah jgk mami..sumer org kene kluar..

mami : (dgn muke serius) ish..jgn bg dorg sembur dlm umah..nt lntai berminyak susah nk mop..

kami? diam seribu bhs..xtau nk jwp ape...gelak je laaaaa....hahahaha..sbnrnyer xde la serius..mmg lwk time tu..hehe..sori mami..

haa...skrg nk cter psl gmbr ni lak..pokok bertuah ni ader kat satu tmpt mkn ni..ape ek nme dier..lupe cm jual2 donut..cozy kot tmpt tu..mknan pon sedap..i likeee~~

tp bkn la nk cter psl tmpt tu pon..nk cter psl mami..hehe..

stelah pnt usha2 nk dok mne..kami pon menuju ke arah meja yg telah ditakdirkn utk ktorg..baru je duduk..tbe2..

mami : (smbil jari telunjuk menghala ke arah objek bulat ijau ini smbil tersenyum simpul) ingt kn kepala org td...

beberapa ketika kemudian....

mami : mcm mne blh idup pokok tu..elok je..

saya : tu pokok plastik mami...

mami : laaa..plastik ke..mcm betol..

comel je mami ni..hehe..dlm skt2 kaki tu leh lak tbe2 bersmgt ajak ktorg g jln2 lg..perli ktorg ek mami?hehe..

oooo...mami jgk penah nk carikkn calon utk sy..bertuah rs..hehe..dialog mami..

mami : c ni jap ayu (smbil tgn melambai ke arah sy) ayu nk knl ngn bdk kuale x?

saya : sape mami?

mami : baik budaknyer..bru abes blaja UM..ank pah sa..ayu kwn2 la ngn dier..

saya : hehehehehehehe...mami npe nk knl kn kt ayu?farah?kaknyah?kakyong?atira?alyana? (amik abes sumer cucu pmpn mami sy sebut)

mami : dier baya kaknyah..muda dr kakyong..farah lmbt lg nk abes blaja..

saya : hehehehehehehe..xpela mami..ayu dh ader dh..heeeeee...

ms sembng ngn mami psl tu rs pns je muke..dilate sumer blood vessel kt muke ni..hehehe..

ader jgk time2 yg bersedih ngn kt HKL (May 2005)..doc bru cabut all the machine yg support it is the end of apak's life..sedey sgt..after sy tgk apak kt blek g dok kt sebelah mami..pgg tgn dier..

mami : apak dh xde (dgn nada yg perlahan n sayu)

huhu..mami..tenang nyer mami...she just lost her loves one..the one she eat with..the one she talk to..the one she argue with..the one she had spent more than 50 years together..mami ayu hrp ayu pon leh jd cm mami jgk..

tau mami xkn bc blog ni..but just want u to know that i love much2..syg mami..muah2..

p/s : pjgnyer entry psl blog post is not enuff to talk bout u mami..^_^

Monday, July 26, 2010



Activity 1 : went to puspakom to settle the things with my car..

Activity explanation : que up to fill in a form > fill in the form & pay RM35 > que up for the car to be checked > wait > done > pay another RM25 > wait again to be called > wait > wait > wait > wait > wait > wait > wait > oh i can't be patience anymore > went to the counter;

'excuse me, have u done with my car?'

she was eating the jambu, picked up my car's document which was left ALONE on the table

'oh! lg satu cop n sign'


how come u r so @%$!*&^()(@&^# (ckp dlm ati je)

cop n sign..THE END

Waiting time : 2 1/2 hours

Lesson : sometimes being TOO patient will lead u to waste your time..

Lesson to them : keje tu cekap2 sket leh x..haih~~

Activity 2 : Dental check up @ Klinik Kesihatan Bukit Kuda

Activity explanation : que up to register > register > wait for my num to be called 1069 current number was 1047 > wait >wait >wait > wait > wait > wait > 1068 room 2 > yay2 mine next > wait > 1065 room 1 > huh??? > wait > 1058 room 2 > what the?? > wait > 1063 room 1 > ok..another waiting test for me > 1069 room 1 > AT LAST!!!!! > went into the room > Dr check for less than a minute > DONE! > I ask the Dr;

"Is there anything more i have to do?"

"No, u r done. You can go back now."

Waiting hour : 1 1/2 hours for less than a minute procedure

Lesson : it is VERY normal in any hosp u went to..don't worry..

Lesson to them : keep it up!!


these 2 activities made my day matter what u do, where u r..when u have to wait..then u have to offense..

in my very-very near future, i'll be the person behind the will be my turn to be scold, mad, hated or any of those by the waiting people..oh my...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


it is very nice to see a big family dine together..

it is very pleasant to see a big family having a holiday together..

it makes me smile when i see a big family laughing together..

it is just so sweet to see a big family stay there for one another..

no matter how big or small a family is..

they will always be your family..

thank you Allah for this family of mine..

Sunday, July 18, 2010

malas dah nk kisah

am i too kind?

or am i that evil?


malas dah nak kisah

malas dah nak tegur


now they will not even bother to say HELLO..

now they will be DIFFERENT (and so do u)..

now they will COME to u only when they NEED u..

Thank you..

i'll be waiting...

p/s: one of the so-called emo labelled post dikala ketandusan idea..hehe..xleh blah..=P

Friday, July 16, 2010


sedang sy asyik menonton cerita Meet The Robinson..tbe2..

ting tong! (bunyi loceng umah)...

ape lg la org jual2 ni nk..haih~~

ting tong!

ish..xleh tgk org sng..

eh..ank2 jiran rupenyer...nk jemput g umah ke ape?

sy pon kluar...

"akak..tlg amikkn selipar sy...tuuuu..."

"eh cm ne leh msuk dlm umah ni?"

" main sepak2 bola..."


"terima kasih kakak"


comel je..main sepak2 bola smpai tercmpk selipar msuk umah org lain..nk amik sndri tp pagar umah sy susah nk bukak sket..cian dorg..hehe..

cmtu la..walau sekecik mne pon pertolongan seseorg kpd kite..ucap la terima kasih..x susah pon..sng je..kn2..hrp2 sy pon cm tu..

p/s: sopan je dia ckp terima kasih..hope kekal la kesopanan tu ye dik..^_^
melentur buluh biarla dr rebungnyer...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Zoo the 2nd~~

Date : 12th July 2010
Venue : Zoo Taiping
Comment : Sgt Best!! ^_^

p/s: Zoo mne lak pas ni?hehe..=p

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


spjg "percutian" sy di umah kaknyah...jrg sekali sy mengupdate fb..rupe2nyer..bykkkkkkk
btol bnde kne setelkn A.S.A.P..thx to my friends...yg sgt rajin update all the
important information kt group fb kte..tnpa korg..blur la azilea..heee..

jd..esk..bermule pengembaraan utk mnyetelkn perkara2 yg x setel lg..demi ms dpn..

apkah perkara tersebut?

1st - lapor dri kt JPA dgn mnegepost dokumen2 yg JPA nk
2nd - post surat setuju terima perlantikn kpd SPA ku syg
3rd - post salinan surat twrn perlntikn kpd Lembaga Farmasi Msia
4th - medical check up
5th - sain surat aku jnji/sumpah dpn pesuruhjaya
6th - wat acc KWSP

(4th - 6th : aturan mungkin berubah) npe kne wat sumer ni?utk ape?

utk keje la..

what?awk nk keje dh?seriusly??

xcaye nk lyn..=P

hoho..merepek kjp..hehe..

bkn tu je..kne gak update info diri utk konvo nyer xleh pon nk wat..xpe2..

pape pon...mulekan dgn..bismillah...^_^

gambar sekadar hiasan

Friday, July 9, 2010

be strong heart...

i'm crying because of u...

not that u have done anything wrong...

just that...

i feel how u feel...

i'm not as strong as u if it happens to me...

seems that u r much more stronger...

He tests u...

He wants u to be closer to Him...

He does not want u drift away...

in short...

He loves u...

me too~~

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Date : 28th June 2010
Venue : Zoo Negara
Comment : Best!! ^_^
Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


masa tadika dulu,
x sabar nk masuk sekolah..
nk pakai bju sekolah mcm kakak..haih

msuk sekolah,
x sabar je nak masuk U..
leh pakai ape2 aje..
xyah pakai uniform..haih..

msuk U,
ish..bler la nk abes blaja ni..
bler la nk keje ni...haih

msuk alm pekerjaan,
smlm kerja..
arini kerja..
esok kerja..
kn bgus kalo time belajar...haih

itula yg dinamekn manusia..
dpt yg ini mahukan yg itu..
dpt yg itu mahukan yg sana..
dpt yg sana mahukn yg ini semula..

bersyukur dgn ape yg kita ada..
tatkala keluhan itu tiba..
beristghifar la kita..

Allah maha mendengar..
berdoa la agar diberi kekuatan..

Allah maha mengasihani..
berdoa la agar sentiasa dilindungi..

dedicated to myself n those who read this..^_^

p/s: 1st time post sumthing seserius ini...heee..serius x?=P


As what i had promised before..this is the 2nd episode of my personal stop smoking campaign..

In this episode, we will look upon the cost that have been spent by the smokers..u guys will be amazed...lalala~~

I cited this phrase from The Star Online (29th Oct 2009)

....minimum price for a pack of 20-stick cigarettes would be fixed at RM6.20....

So here we have the minimum price for one box of cigarettes..

let say a smoker smokes a box of cigarettes a he would spent a total of RM6.20/day..

how bout for a month? --> RM186.00

how much he would spent if he smokes for a year? --> RM2232.00

what if he had been a smoker like 20 years? --> RM44640.00 is only for the amount that had been spent for the minimum price of a box of cigarettes..only if he smokes one box per day..

how bout those who spent more boxes per day?????

how bout those who had been smokers like more than 20 years????

the amount will definitely be much2 more higher...

don't they realize that they are actually burning their own money while they smoke?

there's a lot more we can do with that amount of money..

it can be use to pay the deposite for a new car..or renovate the house..or use to start our own business..or help those who in need..or get married..

see..what a waste to burn the money..sigh..

think twice before u light up the it the pleasure of letting the carbon monoxide entering the lung or a healthy beautiful life with your love one come make the choice..^_^

here..let start keeping our money RM6.20/day (make it less it is your choice) won't hurt if they can spend RM6.20 for nothing..why not we keep it for something..

p/s: it is never too late to mend..^_^

curry puff

This post is dedicated to my dear friend...

She went for an interview at Spansion...very near to her neighbourhood (our as well)..

She was told that there will be only ONE interview..yup ONE...

The interview went very well...the interviewer (what so ever) was very keen on her small business of making frozen currypuff (hey..i don't know that..x cter pon..=P) she explained A-Z regarding the making of her frozen currypuff (sy nk rs tau!!hee..)...they chit chat..blablabla...(awk x cter ape lg korg sembg so sy wat blablabla je la ek..hehe)

Then the interview end with thank you from both parties (belasah je ni..)..the interviewer asked her to wait up for a sec (pndai je sy ni..hehe) she waited..lalalalala~~


"Excuse me, Mrs who-will-train-u-if-u-get-this-job want to have a word with u", said the secretary..(hehe..)

She was very nervous..a cloud of every-thought surrounded her cerebrum..

"will it be a good news or bad?"

"oh!my 2nd interview?no it can't be.."

"Err..miss..could u please come in", the secretary interrupted..

"Oh..certainly..sorry..'', she replied and headed towards the room of Mrs who-will-train-her-if-she-get-the-job (awk x gtau sy nme dier jgk..hehe)..

In the room,

"i was very interested with your business (frozen currypuff)..could u tell me the process..i think i would like to try some", said the lady with a big smile..


With a big grin she explained the process..for the 2nd time with the different people..(cpt btol dorg bergosip..hehe)

Few days later, she got a call from the company..she GOT the JOB!!!....


at last dpt jgk keje kn..dkt lak tu ngn rumah..jeles ok..hehe..well done!!

keje rjin2 ye..gaji 1st blnje sy..jgn lupe..=P

really happy for u..^_^

ni gmbr terbaik kte berdua yg sy x ok awk ok..worite la tu kn2..=P

next to do list : bowling jom farzana..^_^


berdebar je td ms posmen dtg..dh la ms tu mmg tgh kt luar..posmen pon bg surat..sape punyer surat la ni...

tgk2.. name..

eh..from jpa (jabatan perkhidmatan awam)..

tachycardia sekejap..nk bukak td pon cm neves je...


sile lapor diri di jpa dlm tempoh 30 hari dr tarikh surat..

laaaa...lapor diri je ke jpa ni...

haih..ter konfius skjp jpa n spa (suruhanjaya perkhidmatan awam)..

but nevermind...

penantian bersmbung lg...

nk tggu abg posmen kt luar lg la esk..heee...=P

Thursday, July 1, 2010

FOCUS pleaseeeee~~~

what do u feel when sum1 ask u about antiTB regimen but u cud not ans??

how will u feel when u forget the mechanism of action of the hypertension drugs??

what is in ur mind when sum1 ask the different potency of statin??

how do u feel if don't have even a single idea about the indication of a particular drug??

what is ur feeling when it seems that nothing left in ur brain..u like know nothing about any drugs u had learn before??


i'll FREAK OUT!!!

oh..this is too much..

http://www.emocutez.comhaaa...datz more like it...=P

i had a discussion with my friend..

he asked those questions n a lot more..

n i just this..

then we continued our discussion..

he explained...i listened n nodded (understanding)..

i asked..he answered...we discussed further... knowledge is sooooooooooooooooooo little...

and so after i had realized what had happen to my dear ''motherboard''....

i'm now more motivated to STUDY!!!!


thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu........

it is true..without experience it is quite difficult to actually master A-Z of the drugs (Ms BNF, Mr KODA and Auntie Ridiculously..u guys will definitely be my besties after this)..

so azilea....please FOCUS on what u plan to do after this..


Monday, June 28, 2010

now only i know..

yesterday i joined my high school gathering..the food were delicious..n the friends were awesome..really had a great nite..chatting n laughing ..update on our current life..stadi mne..dh abes ke..keje mne..all sort of similar questions..hehe..

i even get new update which was supposed to be updated 8 years back??=P

the situation : i was talking with my form 3 classmates (I,W & N)

below are the conversation on how the secret revealed..

I: W aku tau cter kau ms pmr dlu..

W: hah2..ko jgn nk cter..snyp2 sudaaa...

I: aku nk cter jugak...korg nk tau x cmne W leh dpt math A ms pmr..pdhal exam2 biase xde la gempak pon..

W : wei..I jgn r..(smbil gelak2)

sy lak confuse dorg ni nk cter ape..while N asik tunjuk2 kt sy je..

I: W tiru azi laaaa...azi dh siap jwp..baik punyer ltk krts jwpn kt tepi meje...

W : ye la wei..aku dh xtau nk jwp..terpksa la..dh nk abes ms aku xdpt A pon..B je..hehehehe..

Me : ke..gler ah..hehehehehe...serius x sdar pon bnde tu sumer...hehehehe

now only i know...rupe2nyer sy penah terlibat dlm kes tiru ms exam..ehehehe..

i wonder ape lg secrets yg sy xtau tp dorg tau...hehe..

in future to come...if ader gathering another 5 years..msti soaln dh tuka jd..ank bpe org..skrg tggl mne..keje cm ne..i wonder how my answers will be like?heeee~~

time fly like the butterfly~~ (ade kaitn ke?hentam saja lah labuuuuuu...=P)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i don't have the talent

seronok tgk org2 lain bersuke ria melahirkn idea2 kreatif dorg (skema x ayt?hehe..)..

buat cupcakes..

jhit bju..

main piano..gitar..buat lagu..karang bnde yg best2..

buat beg..

lukis cntik2...

.............arrrghhhhh..bestnyer if ader talent cm dorg..............

terpk..ape talent sy ek?cm xde jek...


bosan kot xde hobi..huhu...

dlu2 ms kecik hobi..kumpul setem..kumpul sticker..kumpul kad..segala bnde la nk kumpul..hehe.. ek yg sy leh wat ni??

well...maybe i'm not born to be as creative as them...

but i'm grateful enough to be just me..

thank you Allah


Monday, June 21, 2010

kisah dulu

sebnrnyer..xde idea pon nk merepek ape kt blog mjlis leeya2 semsia telah memutuskn utk mengepost one of my feveret post from my previous blog..this entry was dated on 20th of December 2006..^_^

He truly start my day with the big SMILE...^_^

Mohd Ariff Aiman

i bet u are like figuring out who on earth is that guy???hehe..

actually dis person cheered my morning today..i met him at d park near my house..i was strolling around the park..and he was coming towards me..well..i just give my sweetest smile to him..upon approaching him..he ‘hi’ me..n i ‘hi’ him back of course..after we had passed each other he said ‘bye’..i just smiled and looked back towards him when he asked where am i going..well…just answered as plain as possible that i am heading that way which was that way..hehe..

then i continued my journey which was in the park still..i heard a sound of bike behind me..i turned around and there he cute..with d bike..and his friend..he told his friend that this is the cute girl he saw previously..then he said the same thing to usual i just smiled..=) then i asked his name..he introduced his name and the friend..

i stopped right there and continue on walking..smiling alone..thinking of him..after all he truly had started my day with a smile..thanks ariff..=)

hehe..i think i should tell u the truth about this ariff before other rumors start bout him..=P

he is just a lil boy i met at d park..from what i looked at him..i guess he is only around d age of 6 to 8..still a young cute lil boy..yet very friendly and kind of matured by talking with some stranger to sweet he is..=) never met a boy like this before..hehe..

well that was stop thinking bout other thing k..for my conclusion..everyone should know the true story before predicting anything..and for ariff i wish to meet u again..comel tau dat kid..must be clever too..hehe..

p/s: hey..i got an idea..maybe i can name my 1st son as Ariff Aiman..hehe..tbe2..=P best gak kn..hehe...tenkiu2..=P

nope2..cannot la..rugi la gne 2 nme utk sorg..1st son ariff..2nd son aiman..haaa...more like it..hehe..

Sunday, June 20, 2010


share to show that i care..^_^

took this interesting text from fb notes of a 2nd degree friend..

post kali ini berkait rapat dgn tulang rusuk kite..yup..tulang rusuk..kt dada..yg melindungi organ2 seperti jantung dan paru2..

"Leceh betullah orang perempuan ni. Tegur sikit dah merajuk. Kena pujuk, nasihat lembut-lembut, cakap baik-baik... hai leceh betul. Tetapi kalau dibiarkan menjadi-jadi pulak! Kita punya kerja pun dia nak langgar. Buat kerja ikut semangat, tak pandang kiri kanan lagi."

"Eh, apa yang kau ngomelkan ni Fuad? Siapa yang buat hal kali ni?"

"Staff aku si Lina tu lah. Baru tegur sikit, dah monyok. Hari ni dah tak datang kerja. Susahlah macam ni. Kerja pejabat akan terganggu."

"Entah-entah dia ada hal lain. Engkau belum siasat dah jump to conclusion."

"Alaah... orang perempuan memang macam tu. Kan Nabi pun kata yang orang perempuan tu ibarat tulang rusuk yang bengkok*? Sebab dia bengkoklah orang perempuan suka buat perangai. Kita nak luruskan nanti patah pulak. Kalau dibiarkan terus, makin bengkoklah. Hai susah, susah."

"Jangan cakap macam tu, Fuad. Maksud Hadis tu bukan begitu."

"Eh, kan Hadis itu sudah lumrah diperkatakan? Apa yang tak kena pulak, Naim?"

"Maksud aku begini. Menafsirkan Hadis itu seolah-olah orang perempuan tu memang Allah ciptakan sebagai satu golongan yang "disadvantaged" atau terkurang seperti yang engkau cakapkan seolah-olah mengatakan yang Allah itu berat sebelah. Walhal Allah itu Maha Adil dan Dia ciptakan lelaki dan perempuan itu sama sahaja dari segi kemampuan mereka untuk meningkatkan iman dan menjadi hamba Allah yang bertaqwa. Bengkok yang disebut di dalam Hadis itu bukan bermakna yang mereka itu sentiasa cenderung ke arah melakukan perkara-perkara yang tidak baik."

"Buktinya, apabila Rasulullah s.a.w. datang membawa ajaran Islam, baginda menaikkan taraf perempuan yang sebelum itu dianggap "golongan yang tak berguna" kepada "sayap kiri" kepada masyarakat. Beliau ada memberikan tugas-tugas yang penting kepada orang perempuan, terutama bila kaum lelaki keluar berperang. Sebagai sayap kiri, tentulah mereka diiktiraf seimbang dengan sayap kanan."

"Tapi, memang orang perempuan kuat merajuk. Jenuh kita nak layan dia."

"Merajuk bukan berlaku pada orang perempuan saja. Orang lelaki juga kuat merajuk. Mungkin cara merajuk atau cara `protes` tu yang tak sama. Punca merajuk sebab iman lemah, bukan sebab jantina. "Lagipun, apa salahnya kalau kita tegur orang perempuan dengan berlemah-lembut dan berhikmah. Bukankah begitu tuntutan Islam. Kalau kita marah-marah sehingga mereka merajuk, bukan mereka yang salah, tetapi kitalah yang salah. Entah-entah waktu itu kita lebih`bengkok` daripada mereka!"

"Eh, eh engkau ni. Asyik nak bela orang perempuan aje."

"Aku bukannya nak bela siapa-siapa. Aku cuma nak betulkan pemahaman yang tidak betul terhadap Hadis tu."

"Apa maksud sebenar Hadis tu?"

"Orang perempun yang diibaratkan seperti tulang rusuk yang bengkok itu bukan bermakna satu kekurangan, tapi sebenarnya adalah satu "penyempurnaan" . Sepertimana juga usus manusia yang berlipat-lipat dan berlingkaran itu bukanlah satu ketidakbetulan tetapi begitulah keadaan usus yang sempurna. Bengkoknya tulang rusuk itu kerana ia bersifat `pelindung`. Ia melindungi organ-organ penting di dalam tubuh manusia seperti jantung, paru-paru, hati dan limpa. Kalau tulang kakilah yang diletakkan di dada manusia, sudah tentu ia tidak dapat berperanan sepertimana tulang rusuk yang bengkok itu."

"Oh begitu. Jadi bila Nabi katakan yang orang perempuan itu seperti tulang rusuk yang bengkok, beliau hanyalah hendak memperlihatkan perbezaan peranan mereka berbanding lelaki?"

"Begitulah. Selain itu, maksud `tulang rusuk yang bengkok` itu ialah sifat `rahmah`. Orang perempuan itu sifat semulajadinya penyayang. Perasaannya halus. Kerana adanya sifat-sifat itu, orang perempuan boleh sabar menjaga dan melayan anak-anaknya yang berbagai kerenah. Mereka juga sabar dan tekun melakukan kerja-kerja rumah yang mungkin kepada kita sangat membosankan. "

"Begitu jugalah di dalam masyarakat, orang perempuan sangat sesuai menjadi guru, jururawat, dan apa juga bidang yang dalam kemampuannya. Oleh itu jangan cuba buang sifat "bengkok" ini daripada orang perempuan dengan memberikan mereka tugas-tugas yang tidak sesuai. Kalau tulang rusuk sudah patah, organ-organ yang penting tadi tidak akan selamat."

"Jadi peranan mereka sebenarnya penting. Bayangkanlah betapa besar peranan dan jasa ibu yang menjaga dan mengasuh kita dari kecil hinggalah besar."

"Hmm, betul tu Naim."

"Sebenarnya tiada siapa yang `bengkok` mengikut tafsiran yang engkau gunakan. Bengkok atau tidaknya seorang lelaki atau perempuan itu bergantung kepada iman dan akhlaknya. Orang lelaki kalau tidak berusaha untuk membuang sifat-sifat yang terkeji di dalam dirinya pun akan jadi bengkok juga, malah lebih bengkok dari orang perempuan yang ada usaha membaiki dirinya."

"Baru aku sedar, akulah yang bengkok. Asyik marah-marah dan tidak sabar."

"Memang tidak sepatutnya kita lihat orang lain itu lebih `bengkok` daripada kita. Sebaliknya kita patut sentiasa merasakan yang kitalah yang lebih `bengkok` daripada semua orang lain di muka bumi ini..."

*Sesiapa yang beriman dengan Allah dan Hari Akhirat, maka janganlah menyakiti jirannya dan hendaklah dia menjaga wanita dengan sebaik-baiknya kerana sesungguhnya mereka diciptakan daripada tulang rusuk. Sesungguhnya tulang rusuk yang paling bengkok ialah yang paling atas, jika kamu berusaha untuk membetulkannya kamu akan mematahkannya, jika kamu terus biarkan begitu ia akan terus bengkok. Oleh itu terimalah pesanan supaya menjaga wanita-wanita dengan baik. (Hadis riwayat al-Bukhari no: 4890)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

peace!! (^_^)V

when sum1 give u a good words of advice or support,

do cherish them,

show some gratitude,

even a 2 words of...

THANK YOU good enough,

it brings no harm,


Friday, June 18, 2010


bru je tgk satu video ni..mak suh tgk..and so i watch..

1st impression...alalala..sweetnyer..quite a beauty lady holding a cute kitten..
tajuk video lak cm opposite..eemmmm...

suddenly that the beauty lady transform into a lunatic-super-duper-crazy-women (again i would like to refer as it) stomped onto the helpless kitten..with it high heel it squash the kitten..put the heel into the kitten mouth even the eyes..step onto the kitten lil legs..

i can't watch more..forward to the end of the video..the heel now squashing the head..blood...


i'm not posting the video was so horrible..huhu..poor kitty.. knpe wujud org x berhti perut cmtu..blh x mule belai2 kitten tu..tbe2 pijak2 like bnde tu ank patung..n blh lak another person record the whole thing...


seriously i was very2 mad if that happen in front of me.. huhu.. kalo ye pon xske kucing..xperlu la wat cmtu..leave them alone..huhu..

Dear crazy peoples out there who like to treat animal badly..please do me some favor..
KILL URSELF!!u r acting like u have empty brain ok!! even animals won't do something as horrible as that... entry kali ni mybe bunyi sgt mrh..mmg sgt..huhu..geram ok.. i'm totally pissed off..huh!

cute kn..i dunno y human can be so cruel..

p/s: please love ur those creatures..let them be alive..don't torture them..they did not want to harm u or what (would an adult cat do such thing to a human baby)...please..we r human..we have brain..we have mind..we can think... use it..wisely..

i swear to myself..i'm not going to watch such video is a trend we called as torture porn..those yg lemah smgt sgt bhy to watch such things (leh jd gila)..thx aisyah for the info..never realize bout that..

Thursday, June 17, 2010

ingatlah org yg tersyg..

''bak mai sebatang'' (tgk la gmbr ats ni..dh xlarat cmtu pon ader ati nk merokok lg..ish3x..that's what we call addiction..hoho)

famous phrase among smokers if u r familiar with them..

i'm not smoking but i'm surrounded by them..huhu..i bet everyone of us do too..

1st let see..the "special" ingredients in cigarettes..

just let the picture do the talking..^_^

y waste on smoking the cigg when they can get free carbon monoxide directly from the car exhaust..
or have a cup of the liquid use as toilet cleaner..we have many brands in the market..even with nice,rose..u named it..
or share the arsenic which is use to poison the rats..sharing is caring.. bout the effect of inhaling those "precious" chemical?let the video do the explanation...

the smoke inhaled by the smokers contain tar (u know those black thick liquid use to make the street of highway)..these tars will of course make the lung as good as new..believe me?u should not..=P
just go n hold some tar..look at ur hand..what happen? it is enough to explain what happen to ur lung..^_^
and of course for smokers the damage would be even greater..

our lung is like two pair of sponge..their nature are being soaky so that we can breath normally..imagine the sponge being dried will hardens right?same things occur to our lung when the smokes get into smokers will end up having a disease such as chronic obstructive airway disorder (COPD) where by they may experience shortness of breath and coughing with phelgm (kahak)..this disease is irreversible..once u have it, bear with it as long as u live..

love ur brain people..yup..brain..smoking will affect the brain too..too much nicotine in the blood may cause blood to be thicken..imagine the blood enter the delicate blood vessel (salur darah) of the brain..more and more of the blood go to the become congested and congested until they stuck..the surrounding cell of the brain now does not get enough supply of oxygen..the cell die..this condition we named it as may lead to paralysis of one side of the body, both side or even death..

is it just that?lung and brain?

nope..there's more..

the of our precious that we can admire Allah's creation..^_^
however, with may lead to blindness..based on the video..the blood vessel of the eyes are very delicate..very sensitive..again..smoking may increase blood pressure due to the effect of thick much pressure needed to push the blood may cause the blood vessel to burst..isn't it great??NO!!

one more gift for the smokers is is a condition where by the insulted blood vessel in addition with the accumulation of cholesterol causes formation of plaques onto the wall of blood vessel..thus reduce the diameter of the blood vessel..when this happen..many consequences may follow..again the blood pressure might increase..the plaques can also be detach from it's origin and move along the blood can be stuck at the narrower vessel..if it stuck in the vessel of the heart..TING TONG!heart attack delivery..

here..we can see that it first insult the flow of the we know our blood vessel distributed all over our body..there's no fullstop for them..thus, cigarettes smoking can harm the entire body system..

spread the words guys..please do stop before it is too late..and please don't even think to do more harm than good at all okay..

last but not least, ingatlah org yg tersyg..^_^ pkcik dh marah tu..tggu ape lg..berenti la..^_^

to be cont~~~ $$$

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

it is not the is just a begining~~

greeting earthlings...

yeah..the famous phrase as what stated as the title..

it happens..

it is true that i have finish the formal study days....

begin by being a chubby-kindergarten student in Tadika Seri Mutiara..wearing a blue skirt (or is it a dress?) running through the recess time with friends..playing hide and seek..eating ''dry biscuit'' (biskut kering daaa..) dipped into light milo (ape ingt coke je ke ader light coke..)..i really enjoyed the days..nothing to worried about..nothing serious to think priority that time was what to play next..happy me..^_^

next i went to Sekolah Rendah Hicom as a start of my school journey..1st day of class..mak and ayah should be available at the window..once i turn to the corner but unable to see them..i started screaming and crying..hehe..what a baby..=P meet new friend as what i remembered, Nadzirah.. she's the one accompanying me during class and recess time..thanks Naz..hope u r doing fine in Ireland..^_^

i moved to Sek Keb Tmn Alam Megah (SKTAM) when i was in standard 2..stayed there till standard 6..the school just a stone throw away from my house..but after 2 days 1 night stay in the school for some activities..i called my mother to picked me up but no one answered the phone..seeing everyone had go back home with their parents...i decided to walk home..yeah..walk home was raining and i was crying..crying in the rain like nobody cares..until i reached mother was just about to get out from the house..shocked looking at her wet-crying daughter..hehe..if only i could wait just for a minute..=P

Sek Men Keb Alam Megah (SMKAM) was destined to be my secondary school up till learn a lot..i enjoyed the most..even lost someone..Afifa..she met with an accident in Makkah doing umrah with her family (father,mother,sister)..leaving just her mother
alone alive.. i remembered the time where i had this serious stomached in class..she accompanied me walk to her i only can walk as slow as the tortoise..she's there..holding me..i stayed at her house until the evening..thanks fifa..i miss u..i

MRSM dream come true..i've always wanted to be one of the MRSM to follow Kaknyah's the school i learn the hardship of living away from the was very tortures at the usual..tears was my bestfriends back then..every evening when everyone else was playing with their can find me at the phone booth..wink2x..after some few months (erm..let add another few months to be exact) the homesick syndrome subside..u can't find me at the phone booth no more in the evening..hehe..oh..i secretly bring along my handphone too..shhhhh (zipped mouth)..

after SPM i went to Matriculation College in N9..1 year full of experience i say u.. 1st sight of the college..''bekas kilang ape lak ni?''..sure it is..hate the place totally at the 1st sight..but people say..if we hate something or some one, one day we will like them so true man..i love that place..every morning..haze accompanied me as i walked for class..oh..and there's this time no water supply for some days..and we had to wash up at the academic building..1st come 1st serve..the girls conquered boy's toilet (tu la bgun lmbt lg)..cramp syllabus..cramp timetable..cramp time for revision..but i achieved the best outcome..Alhamdulillah..^_^

last but not least..i entered UiTM Shah Alam..being the future holder of B. of Pharmacy, people keep asking me.."sekolah mane, form brape etc'' and there's even this one question..''darjah berape?'' i was like..oh i like that kind of in the university was not easy but it was not was like that..=P be what u are..ask as much as u can..try and try and seek further..and u'll get the answer (pe mendenyer??)..whatever it is..i've finished the 4 years-course..Alhamdulillah..

well it is not the end..i still have the PRP life waiting for me..working as real now..i'll be responsible for the patients' medication..collaborating with the doctors, nurses and most importantly my future cliques..will they accept me in their team?can i be as good as them?will i be able to give my thought effectively?only God knows how i feel right now..

p/s: i choose this is written this is my path..He knows better..and this is the best for me..for us..^_^

Friday, June 11, 2010

Lup Dab Lup Dab~~

Greeting earthlings!!!! (hopefully only those earthlings read my blog) u know which i think u do not know but maybe some of u might have known that my final result for my Bach of Pharmacy had already came out..but unfortunate for me because i'm still unable to check the result...


WHY, u ask me? far as my concern..i'm not really sure how it happens..but i know for sure that UiTM is the largest university in Malaysia..and is occupied with the highest number of student..yaaa..traffic jam..internet jam..server down..and blablabla..

so i decided to check my result a day after the 1st day of the result being posted..which is the 2nd day of course and it is today..



so..early in the morning i woke up..stood up..n quickly rush to Mr. the ON button..waited patiently for Mr.Twinny to wake up..then, i log in to UiTM official to the examination heartbeat goes from 78 beats/min to 90 beats/min and as the loading progress the heartbeat increased to 123 beats/min...the tension started to build up..the nervous me getting even more nervous.....and.......


Hellooooooooo??tok2..not open?still in process?aiyoooooooo~~~~
and so..the heartbeat lowered back to 77 beats/min...

but then..suddenly..

"u can check the result through the mini transcript"


then, the nervous me go back and log in and click the mini transcript the same time..the heartbeat sprint like nobody cares...while the loading progress as slow as the slowest sloth (oh it reminds me of Sid in the Ice Age..such a funny guy) in the entire universe...

after a long waiting time of last the loading end with problem loading the page....??

yeah..the patient me keep on refreshing it..and the same as above keep on happening each time of refreshing..yeah2..laugh2..

Dear UiTMers could you please allow me to check my result..i promise after i'll only look a glance at it and quickly log out to allow others..i promise..pity me..T_T

Dear heart, i love pace up when the time needed you to..and relax when i'm relax..thank you for being a part of me..muah2..lots of^_^

p/s: eventhough it is not so good (the worst ever) but..Alhamdulillah..
thank you Allah..

Status: PRP
(Provisional Registered Pharmacist) in the making..
Hospital: unknown up till now

Saturday, June 5, 2010


kenapa sy wat blog ni?
sbb sy nk follow kwn2 lain nyer blog...(lg2 blog mcna...i like..^_^)

kenapa sy ader blog tp empty je?
sbb sy xde idea nk ckp psl ape..(kne kawen dlu kot..leh wat blog cm nani..sweet gler ok..^_^)

kenapa org lain leh wat entry yg cm best?
sbb dorg byk idea yg best la..(ooooo...ader gak yg bisnes..cntik beg yg dier jual kalo korg nk tgk siler la ke LADY)

kenapa blog sy itam je?
sbb sy bru je blaja gne blogspot ni..idok ler teman reti..sbb tu sy ske layout blog kaknyah..comel mcm kazen knyh yg amik phrmcy ni..=P

kenapa sy wat entry ni?
sbb sy pon xtau kenapa..korg tau?

kenapa korg bc blog ni?
sbb korg kwn2 sy..kn2..tenkiu shima, farin, emee, farah..^_^

p/s: ape yg sy dpt dr blog ni?sy blaja cm ne nk link kn korg laaaa...^_^

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


i watched this video posted by MJ in her FB which she took from the utube which was posted by long connecting intro i have back to the main story..

this video is about a cat named Hero which was "amputated" by a homosapien species which i would like to refer as ''it''..for further story of why, what, who and how please do review the video below..n do prepare some tissues..

tears immediately streaming out of my eyes while and after i watched this video..the cat still alive and healthy even after what had happen to him..i don't think Hero received any anesthetic prior the "amputation"..but he was very determined to be alive..because he believe in Allah..because he knows Allah is always there for him..even he had lost both front legs he still have the other two..n also Allah..besides..thanks also to mariahairey..u both sure will get the reward if not now but in the afterlife..insyaAllah..^_^

i kept on thinking..wut would happen if it happen to me?will i be as strong as Hero?

even I've never met u..but i do love u..Hero..

Saturday, May 15, 2010


weelllll...ok..mybe i can warm up a bit by posting my previous entry in my previous blog as a starter...this post was yeared (as i don't know the date..=P) in here we go..

~The Gardener~

emm..arini nk cter pglmn cket..yg happen smlm…itz about the gardener..tukng kebun yg keje kt kolej yg sy dok skng..kolej melati @UiTM..dh lme sy perhatikn dier..tgk dier siram pokok..mcm susah sgt dier nk jln..smbil tu kne tarik paip lg..kdg2 nmpk dier terbongkok bongkok kutip tin msuk dlm plastik..nk jual agknyer..slalu sy pk..mne la ank2 dier ni..nape bg dier keje lg..Ya Allah..Allah je tau cm ne sy rs..sedey sgt tgk dier…

1 hari..means ngn rumate sy Farrah on d way nk g cafe kolej..ktorg lalu kt tepi phone booth kolej..tbe2 pkcik tu tego ktorg..dier mintak tlg dailkn num ank dier..nk kol katenyer..dier ckp dier rndu ngn ank2 dier…sumer dh kawen tp dh lme x dtg jenguk dier..smtra tu sy sembng ngn dier..tnye dok mne..tinggal ngn sape..dier gtau umah dier kt sepang tinggl berdua je ngn isteri tu jgk sy tgk tgn kiri dier..bergetar laju sgt..dlm otak sy pk msti parkinson..n mmg btol pon..

then, dh dpt kol ank dier sorg ni..tgk gaya dier ckp ngn ank dier mcm ckp dgn ank kecik je..suh mkn knyg2 n jgn gado2..bkn niat psg dh terdgr skali nk wat cm ne..mmg kesian la tgk keadaan dier ms tu..dier ckp jgk dier rndu tu la yg dier kol..n ajak ank dier blk umah sbtu ni..lps tu..kol ank dier lg sorg..dier ckp d almost the same thing..yg x thn tu prktaan rndu..

nape smpai ayh yg kne kol ank ajak blk umah..sedey tgk dier..time pgg tepon tu pon tgn dier menggigil lg..kalo blh nk tlg je dier pgg kn ganggang tu..dada dh sebak nk sy thn je..ape plak dier rs kalo tbe2 sy nnges nt..kalo ank dier x dtg la ari ni..mmg x ptut btol..dorg ptut tgk cmne keadaan ayh dorg time hrp2..ank2 dier bkn la cmtu..hope skng ni..dorg tgh epi kump rmi2 kt umah pkcik tu..

pas dh settle sume..dier pesan kt ktorg..pesanan yg btol2 insafkn sy..
"….dh berjaya nt tolong mak ayah dulu baru tolong diri sndri…."
sy akn pgg kata2 dier ni…

tu je la cter yg nk share arini..pape pon..kwn2 ingt la mak n ayah slalu ek…jgn abaikn dorg bler dh bjya nt..sekian wassalam…

so what do u guys think?kesian kn..tu la kdg2 ank2 ni nk kate jht xla jht..just mybe kdg2 tu pnykit LUPE tu dtg..however..pnykit to shud no ader la..lg2 dgn mak ayh sndri..kne la slalu ingt kt dorg kn2..

p/s: ape la khbr pkcik tu arini...??

oh my!!

i forgot that i actually own a was like a year back..oh my!!..=P

well..would like to congratulate shima for u to be my 1st follower and also my 1st commentor..hehe..

nothing much to babble here yet..don't quite have any idea too..perhaps other time..just another intro for this blog of mine..need to get use to this first.. eerrrr...HI (for d second time)..