Sunday, June 19, 2011

saya suka post banyak-banyak dalam satu hari

this is what happen when the mood for blogging come...u'll get several posts in one shot..kebaboooom!!

rather than doing this i should have finish my unfinished business..which is...i won't say it here as it will cause severe depression as thinking of it had causes me to feel like drinking 500ml of mineral water at one go..does it make any sense at all?...naahhh..just forget about it..

now..let's talk about something happy..let me see..

happy-thought-button switch on..check!

stress-thought-button switch off..oh my..can't switch it's broken!

i need a hammer..

bang!! that's more like it... that the stress-thought-button is damage..i can now focus on my happy thought..


(inhaled deeply..)


(looking upward for any cloud of happy thought)


(biting nails...)

oh great!!

i don't actually have anything exciting to share...='(

s/s: i love my post...

p/s: s/s stand for syok sendiri...

1 comment:

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