Sunday, March 27, 2011

short & sweet

Last 2 weeks i met my old buddies..not that we are really old..just some "it-have-been-so-long-we-haven't-met" friends..they are my buddies back when i was in matriculation..oh my..i really miss those fun days~~


Let the picture do the talking (dengan kata lain malas nk elaborate pjg-pjg tp rajin pulak nk upload gmbr satu2..haha..)

First, there were 4 of us (from left: eyuh, liza, ina n me)

Then, came yaya the busy lady in town..and that explain why she was late..=P

Few minutes later, we met this ''artist'' was Hani!!! for a while before ina, liza and eyuh go back..

so, only three of us left..we went to The Gardens..

this is me with yaya's mouth-watering dish..heee..we talk and eat and eat and talk..until the waiter send us the bill (halau nmpk..hehe..)

it was around 10pm this pic was taken..yup..that's explain the bill sent to our table..

oh ya!ida came to the rescue at the very last minute before each of us head home..
yay!!at last we got the chance to meet LIVE!!
Thx to ida's cute bro for this cute pic of us..^_^


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